School Services

Transitioning into a less-intrusive academic environment can be an exciting but difficult step towards independence. At FSI we have learned how best to work with school teams, including working directly with teachers, staff members and administrative teams. We offer a friendly approach to teacher and staff training, and understand the distinct challenges of working with a child in a group setting.

Classroom observation

Direct observation of problem behavior is one of the unique aspects of ABA that distinguishes it from other fields of practice. Observations are scheduled to occur when problem behaviors are most likely to occur, and are done in a non-intrusive manner so as to avoid disrupting the normal setting. An observation report, which includes data on the target behaviors observed, as well as recommendations for how to manage the behavior, is provided once the observation is complete. This service can be provided as a stand-alone service, or as part of working with an existing client's educational team.

IEP/BIP Meetings

We are glad to attend IEP and BIP meetings of our existing clients, and can provide consultation to new clients following an intake assessment. During IEP and BIP meetings, our experienced behavior analysts can provide guidance in selecting social, emotional and independent functioning goals, as well as to provide strategies for reducing maladaptive behaviors as part of a BIP.

Teacher conferences

We are glad to attend conferences and meetings with the teaching and administrative teams of our existing clients in order to provide support and guidance in both managing maladaptive behaviors and promoting our client's personal growth.

Teacher training

After conducting a classroom observation, we may find that it is necessary to provide specific training to teachers and classroom staff, so that they may implement the recommendations provided with fidelity. A certified behavior analyst will come to the classroom and utilize the behavior skills training (BST) model to demonstrate and provide feedback to those implementing the strategies recommended to ensure lasting changes.